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December 31, 2013
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Chapter One
The Dream Continues

Ryan stared at the ceiling as he lay on his bed at home. He had returned from the doctors earlier after hearing the good news that his anemia was gone, and the doctor seemed wildly confused as to how it disappeared, but only Ryan knew. The same thing that happened to Riku back at Organization XIII’s world happened to him, except it just took his sickness away rather than change his appearance.

He sighed for the umpteenth time; it had been a week since Sora, Riku and Marie left. It was weird—no one got a break, and he wanted to be out there rather than inside lying on his bed. When he first came home, all he could think of was sleeping in and just lounging around like he used to, but now he wanted to fight. He wanted to be beside Sora, Riku and Marie as they set out on different kinds of journeys.

He played with the buckles from his vest and sighed again, today was a day that would go by fast. The only thing that brought Ryan out of his boring days was Kairi, who came to visit as frequent as she could. He turned in his bed and thought about the redhead. She stayed behind because she had to, it was just directed at Sora, Riku and Marie, but since the blonde was nowhere in sight, they had to make with what they had. He closed his eyes and relieved that day.

“So, you two are going to help out the king?” Ryan asked looking at the two teens were more than set to leave. Sora nodded as he took a quick glance at him, and Ryan stood firmly on his toes. “Then I’m coming along. Now that I can fight, I can actually help you guys.”

“No. stay here,” Riku told him. Ryan was about to retort, but was interrupted as both the silver head and Sora looked at him. “It’s not like we’re rejecting you, Ryan. Right now, anything can happen and we know you’re the closest who can help if anything does happen to this world. Aside from Kairi, of course.”

“Kairi has more of a chance protecting this place than me,” Ryan replied, trying to reason with Riku. “Plus, if I go with you guys I can train and get strong.”

“Yeah, but Ryan, we really need you to stay,” Sora told him. Ryan wasn’t getting it but Sora gave the boy a smile as he patted his shoulder. “Trust us; you need to stay, because we want you to promise something to us.”

“And that would be?”

“To protect Kairi,” Riku said as he stared straight into Ryan’s eyes. The brunette wasn’t sure how he could protect her, or why he needed to if she had her own personal Keyblade. “Even if she can fight with the Keyblade, she’s a princess of light. There’s no telling who will come by and take that light.”

Ryan was already informed about the events that happened between Sora, Marie, Riku and Kairi, and at first he couldn’t believe she was an actual princess. He thought back on Marie, and how she had the powers of Kingdom Hearts, who would protect her? He passed this by Riku and Sora, with the latter tensing up at her name. He was still emotional about her leaving but he knew she couldn’t leave it alone, and she was always in his heart.

“We don’t know where Marie is, but unlike Kairi, she’s had experience with the Keyblade,” Riku told him. He was right, the girl knew how to fight with her Keyblade, but he still wanted to help. Riku just shook his head. “We’re going to find her, don’t worry. In the meantime, just keep an eye on her, okay?”

“…Alright.” Ryan hung his head low, but received a couple of pats from Sora and Riku before they headed off.

“Ryan honey, your girlfriend is here to see you,” Leah called out to her son. Ryan furrowed his eyebrows together at the word ‘girlfriend’. His mother had been bothering him about Kairi for a while since she came to visit a lot, but he would ignore her or tell her that they were just friends. Leah thought otherwise, Kairi seemed genuinely happy to see Ryan, unlike Selphie who didn’t visit at all since his return. His expression turned into a frown at the thought of Selphie, who was talking a lot to a boy in her classes. Tidus and Wakka came to visit a lot, and Ryan filled them in on his adventure with Sora, Riku and Marie. He showed them the group picture of him and everyone else that came back that day, and the boys started remembering more of her. Of course, they were more interested in the fact that she and Sora were dating—they totally thought it would be Riku.

“Thanks mom, but she’s not my girlfriend… we’re just friends.” He got up from his bed and fixed himself before walking downstairs. He saw the redhead sitting on the stool, all prepped in her pink dress, staring at the small television attached to the wall of the kitchen. As soon as he reached the last step of the stairs, the floor creaked, and Kairi turned and smiled brightly at the boy.

“Hey,” she said as she got up from the stool. She fixed the end of her skirt and stood patiently as Ryan walked towards her.

“So, what brings you here today?” he asked as he smiled back. She shrugged her shoulders and pointed towards the entrance.

“Why don’t we go for a walk?” she smiled. He shrugged his shoulders in return and nodded. They both walked out of his house and started making their way down the road, but he turned his head and noticed something odd about his aunt and uncle’s house. He squinted his eyes and noticed the lights were on, which were off when Marie left, and wondered who was inside. Kairi took notice and looked at the house before looking back at Ryan. “Do you think someone is inside?”

“There’s a possibility of that,” he replied. He took a stance as he started walking towards the house, with Kairi following not too far behind. Once they reached the door, a bright light appeared through the windows followed by a crash. Kairi jumped a bit from the sudden noise, but Ryan turned to her. “You okay?”

“Yeah, but… what if someone is in there?” she asked. Ryan narrowed his eyes back to the house, and then back at Kairi.

“Then we’ll just have to fight,” he said. Kairi wasn’t too keen on the idea, since fighting wasn’t her strongest point. She was still getting over the fact that she wielded a Keyblade and actually fought, but it was more or less adrenaline and the will to protect that took over. Ryan noticed this and sighed as his expression softened in front of her. “You can leave the fighting to me—I know a thing or two. Besides… I made a promise to them, so…. Don’t worry. I’ll protect you.”

Kairi looked at Ryan for a bit, and her frown turned into a smile as she nodded at him. He turned around again and they both slowly walked near the door until his hand reached the doorknob. He dug into his pocket and reached for the spare key that Marie left behind, and slowly inserted it into the keyhole. He quickly opened the door once it was unlocked and rushed inside, but he didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. He called Kairi over and she walked inside, looking around as well. They both froze when they heard footsteps coming down the stairs, and Ryan placed a protective arm in front of Kairi. The footsteps grew louder and louder, until they saw a pair of black boots.

As the boots showed, so did a pair of black pants, and finally a white coat that flowed down just past the person’s behind. Ryan looked up and saw a woman with golden blonde hair and honey brown eyes staring at the both of them. She seemed hurt and had a couple of scratches on her shoulders and face, but she didn’t seem too bothered by them. Ryan had to take a second look before he knew who the woman was, and he gasped when he figured it out.

Ryan’s new look:

Game: Kingdom Hearts: 3D
Type: Sequel to "New Game"
Genre: Romance, Drama and Adventure
Written Format: Third point of view
Rated: Teen
Chapters: 3 
Complete?: No.

Story Summary:
[Sequel to New Game]
Feeling confused about her sudden appearance, Aura sets forth on an adventure with Sora and Riku as she finds the answers shes looking for. Along the way, however, she meets a girl identical to Marie and a woman bent on preventing the Mark of Mastery. Will Aura be able to figure everything out and stop the woman from doing so? Time will tell. 

Here is the link to the story:…

Background (c) Square Enix
Aura (c) Swirl3y
Marie (c) Swirl3y
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